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Acupuncture is based on Traditional Chinese Medical Theory that believes there is a system in the human body unexplained by Western Medicine. The system is made up of a network of meridians that traverse the body bathing the organs with electo-magnetic energy called Qi. The treatment points are where the Qi communicates with the surface of the body; similar in the way the Earth's vast water table can appear as a lake, river, stream, or well. The flow of Qi can dry up or stagnate in the meridians causing illness. Acupuncture treats the disrupted flow of Qi (energy) throughout the body and seeks to restore its balance and proper flow.

Acupuncture in Boston

May Zhang is a Boston Acupunturist trained in China and the US. You should try the Boston acupuncture clinic if you have tried other modalities with little success. Call us today!

Safe and Effective

Acupuncture can help to treat numerous degenerative diseases and chronic and acute ailments.  It addresses the underlying imbalance or source of disease in the body, not just the symptoms.  As the underlying balance is restored in the body, the initial symptoms are improved.  Acupuncture does not produce unwanted side-effects, nor interfere with conventional medical treatments.  It is a safe, effective and sustainable treatment that restores the natural balance of the body using single-use, sterilized needles.

May Zhang is an Accredited Boston Acupunturist serving metro Boston
May Zhang Acupuncture in Boston

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